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Beijing HY Tech Co.,Ltd is one of the largest and earliest professional beauty and medical equipment manufacturers in China, integrating development, research, production, sale and after-sales services.

We've already independently researched and developedsuch products as 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal, Cryolipolysis, Lipolaser, SHR,Ultrasound Cavitation equipment, Vacuum equipment, RF equipment, Fractional CO2Lasers, ND YAG Lasers, 635nm/680nmDiode Lasers, IPL equipment, E-lightmachines, Water Oxygen equipment, PDT equipment, LED products, etc.

We have established our own global brand, OEM/ODMcosmetic and medical equipment production bases and complete service systems. Products are sold to Europe, America, SouthAfrica, the Middle East and other dozens of countries, and customers widelypraised.Adopt the most stringent set of quality management system.

Our company still adheres to our business philosophyof "Paying attention to reputation, Customer first, Stressing quality andEndless innovation".

We will gradually win the international competitiveness in the beautyindustry with quality and reputations in the near future.We
will do our best to supportyour business.

What’s the OEM and ODM?

OEM/ODM is businessmode resulted from high division of modern industries and business, for it canintegrate resources efficiently to reach win-win result, more and more productscome out by this way.

OEM is short fororiginal Equipment manufactory, usually means suppler provide its existingproducts under brands which clients(usually are holders) appointed, or provideproduction according to clients’ requirement of drawings, specs, assemblingprocess, test standards,packing etc. Under OEM way, suppliers principally donot provide design, only factory production services, clients can focus ondesign and sales, keep away from complicated and high invested factoryoperation management.

ODM is short fororiginal design manufacturer, it means suppliers provide products design, andproduction based on clients’ idea and marketing requirement, or based onsamples. Under this way, compared with OEM, suppliers provide R&D designservices.

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